Photo (c) Susie Stavert

If you don’t fight you lose. 

First transmission from F.O.L. Their debut release ‘Blame It On Fox’ is focused away from the dance floor towards dark beats, industrial, noise, ambient and metal – with a healthy dose of techno and electro. https://piefactoryproductions.bandcamp.com/album/blame-it-on-fox

Second transmission from F.O.L. – their track ‘Employee Wellbeing Initiative’ featured on the Das Booty ‘Hyper Reality 2’ compilation. https://dasbootyrave.bandcamp.com/track/fol-employee-wellbeing

Third transmission from F.O.L. – The mighty Dj Scale Ripper makes his debut on Pie Factory Productions with a murderous 3-track EP ‘Acid Fog’ – inspired by the killer fog in ‘The 100’ TV series, with remixes from label mainstays Teknocracy and F.O.L. (Fight or Lose). https://piefactoryproductions.bandcamp.com/album/acid-fog-ep

Fourth transmission from F.O.L. – Teknocracy returns with a hard and dark techno sound on the ‘Please Go Home’ EP (featuring Techno Fluffer on the mic) – their first artist release since 2016. The title track was inspired by a recorded message from a police van in Finsbury Park, London during the first UK lockdown. Remixes from Dj Scale Ripper and F.O.L. (Fight or Lose).  https://piefactoryproductions.bandcamp.com/album/please-go-home

F.O.L. is Adam Lincoln (Teknocracy / Dilettantism / Pie Factory Productions).

Adam founded the Pie Factory Productions label in 2012 with Aubrey King and Techno Fluffer, dropping three bonkers 12”s (including a various artists release with London underground veterans Jerome Hill and Dexorcist) plus numerous digital releases and remixes.